Friday, 17 February 2012


Bad relationships, break-ups, a broken heart(s), silent tears on the inside, a chance of blaming yourself thinking your actions caused it, occasional visits down memory lane, moping around and then depression kicks in. Some of us may have gone through this exact phases of consequential break-ups, we see it in chick flicks or even in our friends. However, these are the ‘’normal’’ symptoms that a lady feels when she once loved truly but lost in the game of love.

Yeah, I have had my own fair share of break-ups but even if it hurt really bad, I never let the pain rule my life. No, no, no!!! Going through all that huge sad drama, the depression, ughhhhh!!! A buzz and new thrill of something fascinating would be just what I needed to calm me down like say, buying myself a ‘’break-up gift’’. 

It sounds bizarre but I see that gift as telling myself  ‘’the relationship was fun while it lasted, you loved, get over it, it doesn’t end here but in the meantime, take this gift as a consolation prize’’. You ask what kind of gifts? It could be sneakers, jewellery, a new hairdo, novels, a pair of jeans, anything leaving me with a huge smile on my face and no, it is not a subtle way of repressing my emotions, it is all about letting go of whatever happened. A break-up is never the end of the world so don’t let it rule you.
You may think ahhh this chic is in the middle of a breakup. Nope, that’s far from it. I felt the need to post this to relieve the world of more broken hearts than it can take. I have seen a couple of friends way too disheartened by break-ups and it’s not a pretty sight. A lady doesn’t have to go through all that huge sad emotional drama in her life. Take the insightful lyrics of Mary J. Blige’s ‘’No More Drama’’ (Uh, it feels so good when you let go of all the drama in your life, Now you’re free from all the pain, free from all the game, all the stress, so find your happiness).

Ok, back to me, another ‘’therapy’’ I would use in the event of a break-up from someone I thought I was totally in sync with and for some reason, yours truly is too damn broke to buy herself a gift, I would sit down, write a letter to myself, pretend for that moment I was my own shrink, split my persona in two; the shrink and the lady who needs a lift-up of her spirit. 

So you see, this said letter would be giving me a list of all the things I detested or hated in this ‘’ex-boyfriend’’ while we were together and also reasons to move on, let go, put on a happy face. More often than not, after reading this letter to myself, I would actually feel much much better and then I walk around with this in-built confidence. This renewed happiness then reflects on my whole aura to the point that If I ever see my ex again, those feelings may surface but It doesn’t sting or hurt of loud sighs and ‘could-have-beens’.

I find that turning to friends for comfort and solace is not really my thing so as weird I am, this is what I do. I let it all out on paper or buy the occasional ‘’break-up gift’’ and voila, a wide grin surfaces. 

This is my recommended ''panadol'' for a broken heart. If symptoms still persist after a week or two, consult me! Guys, I don’t know how you handle break-ups ooo. I know you have this macho thing going on, so I guess yours would be like singing to yourself ‘’on to the next one’’. Hahahaha, but frankly, it still remains elusive to me. 

Bye for now, lovelies!!!


  1. errr.... can i have a sample of your DNA please? thank you

    i know we've seen the movie 'incredible hulk' before, but when i've been through a breakup, you a have a huge grumpy 'incredible sulk' walking around moping and refusing to eat...... for two weeks!!!

    ok, i might have embellished a tiny little bit there but u get the picture :-)

    lovely write up by the unto the next one.

  2. Cloning a part of my DNA in the lab right now for
    It's hard for people to bounce right back to real,happy emotions after a break-up but nothing good ever came out of sulking...
    Some break-ups still lead to make-ups...but before then,liveeeeee, funny sitcoms if that helps or try out my 'panadol'

  3. w8 o,is dr a word limit 2 wich i cn type?i've been tryin 2 comment on dis particular manner buh it neva posts..maybe cos i typed 2mch?:(..lols..(jst testin dis 1 1st).

  4. chei it posted o..lols..toh lemme edit ma comment den

  5. lools..very hs a recipe 4 a brken hart?hu does dat??lool
    buh drs soo mch sense in dis,nd again,d whole 'writin down' stuff cn also help u keep ur r/ship wen y'all r fytin nd stuff..lyk u cud always ryt dwn d gud nd bad side 2 ur gurl/guy..nd weigh d both 2 see wich is more..w8,am i typin 2 much? vex:p
    anyway,y'all keep ur heads up,if u wr cheated on,maltreated nd stuff,u shudn't kill urself,its their loss..sum1 beta awaits u k?xoxoxo

    1. lmaoooo..yeah you said it! Guess that's one thing that's peculiar about me...But, I'm serious about it..

      You have understood everything what with all the writing down of the guy or girl's good and bad need to talk too my dear, please type as much as you can...Love to see the words pouring out of your mind..They are always interesting...In fact if you like, fill the whole comment page! As you wish! Lol

      Lastly, to anyone reading this, what she said at the end! If you are heartbroken, keep a happy face..there's always a better guy/girl waiting on the horizon...Let that beautiful or handsome face of yours shine with a smile..Life is too short you know! If you need a hug, I can't be there to give you one but anyway, this is me sending infinity hugs..

  6. :-):-)i rily try ma best 2 encourage ma frends goin tru dis kinda issues,it sux i swear...wots evn more annoyin is wen u c a gud gurl/guy bein maltreated...buh he/she still sticks 2 d persin...its love tho,u cn only 'advice',u cnt force dem 2 do wot dia hart doesn't wana...tanx 4 dis space gurl:*:*

    1. That's where ''love is blind'' holds true...They stay through all the hurt, pains, abuses...but mehnnn, they gotta shine their eyes... Please encourage them more...

      It's not worth feeling hurt and depressed for 'love'!!! True love ain't like that...

      You are welcome dear...thanks for filling it up..mmmwah!

  7. 1st of all I'll like to point out that you are a bit partial seeing that you kept talking to only the ladies.Guys have heartbreaks too you know.
    That aside I feel best breakups are mutual breakups,it always sucks when people break up coz of cheating or fights or problems.Am of the opinion that "take the good memories & flush the sad ones down the drain" So that you get to smile whenever you think of that "ex".That idea of breakup gift isn't really a bad one by the way.Thumbs up girl,your making me want to keep read more.

    1. Yeah, I only did so because I don't really know how guys handle break-ups. I'm not trying to sound partial here,please don't but the toll of break-ups hits more on the lady than the guy (well, it depends on how it ended between them).

      And, I agree that mutual breakups are better. There are no hard feelings against each other, no resentments you know.

      On your opinion on keeping the good memories, hmmmm, it may work for some, others not so much.

      Thanks so much dear for reading. Your comments are always welcome. Don't touch that dial...haha