Sunday, 19 February 2012


Before you read this post, note that it is just an opinion of mine based on what I think. It is not a feminist post. Would love to know what you think.

Women are all born with a touch of uniqueness, be it beauty, intelligence, charm, wit, great intellect. Some come with the whole package. In the words of Farrah Fawcett, the late movie actress, ‘’God made man stronger but not necessarily more intelligent. He gave women intuition and femininity. And, used properly, that combination easily jumbles the brain of any man I’ve ever met’’. I love that quote.

Intelligence in a woman is a blessing. I attest to that. No, I’m not a nerd. I love to have fun. I like to dress up, look great, look glam. Being smart is just another in-built trait that is like a part of my DNA.  You see, I have always excelled without trying too hard though I would never brag about it to anyone. It is never cool to do such. Understanding things comes naturally and being able to create ideas is one of the pros. I also find solace in using intelligence to understand the worth of the smaller things in life. I don’t use it to judge people around me; what I judge is your personality.

However, there are no pros without cons. The down-side of being smart and witty is that people tend to be intimidated by you. They assume you think you are better than them. When I was in school, sometimes I would be accused of deceiving my friends, like getting great grades while they didn’t do so good. Sometimes when I speak, they might say ‘’heyyyy you ehn and big big words’’ lol. So in a while, I have to dumb myself down to suit other people’s ego and not make them feel threatened. That there, that is the ‘’curse’’. 

Brushing that aside, I wonder do men really like intelligent women? Women who are pretty and intelligent? Women who are opinionated, articulate, very witty, make constructive decisions, are determined to be independent, focused on achievements? Do men want these women as their girlfriends, wives-to-be? I ask because I used to down-play my intelligence in relationships so my boyfriend can feel smart too. 

When you ask a guy, ‘‘ What qualities would you like your lady to have?’’ There is a common response given --- ‘’Beauty ( heehee, that one always come first), good character, INTELLIGENCE, humility etc’’. You get my point. Note that intelligence was bolded. Do y’all really mean it? Or do you find it sexy and appealing in a woman? I mean, does it make her that more interesting? 

OR would you rather prefer a ‘’dumb blonde’’…Scratch that..we don’t have blondes in naija..I meant to say ‘’dumb black’’….heehee.. A lady who would always say ‘’Yes, dear’’ to everything you say, their job is to wake up and look pretty. Would you want that?

I as a lady like guys with the great package: intelligence, good character, loving and cute. So if you guys do not want the ‘smart’ factor in your ladies, then I say it’s almost like a curse if we are intelligent. 

Bye, dearest unseen readers!!!


  1. hmmmmm.....

    a litle torn with this one.
    mind stimulating mind u.

    yes we do mean it when we say intelligent.
    but we also dont like to be made to look stooopid

    secretly we tell our friends how intelligent our girl is (at least i do it)

    i think there should be a balance between beauty and wit.

    and oh i am intimidated by u.... :-)

  2. Ahhhh not u too...plss dont be intimidated nice to know you like them smart chics...

    Most of you guys are really smart least i know some...including you so e go dey hard to make una look stupid (permit my pidgin) lol.. On a serious note, it's uncool to even attempt to make someone look stupid.. I also agree the beauty and wit thing all have to be balanced...

    Thanks siz 4 your comment :)

  3. Anytime lady

    Now m waitn 4 ur nxt post.......☺

  4. Irrespective of guys want (cos yea it's a man's world but we're not living for them alone anymore) It's a blessing. I'll take smart over pretty any day...even if some guys would prefer you to "dumb-down" and look pretty instead. :-(

    and i like odd :-)

    Nice space. First time here and following. Check mine out here

    1. Hmm, nice to know you think so... Being smart is such a great thing...Glad you agree with me...Any guy who won't have the smart dessert and prefers a dumb appetizer is losing

      Yeah, checked out your blog...following you's awesome by the way..will be making some comments there na na


  5. Here's from a guy's angle.Intelligence in a woman is a real turn-on! But it's like this,you don't expect a guy to want to be around you when you make him look stupid all the time,get what i mean? Personally,i don't date 'dumb black' (that's a funny way to put it dear),i like my women intelligent.I didn't use 'very intelligent' because i'm trying to sound nice *grin*.

    I like a woman that i won't have to explain certain things to all the time when we're having conversations.So here's the bottom line; Most dumb guys like dumb gurls,and most guys that are not totally dumb like dumb gurls,it makes them appear smart.#gbam I don commot!

    1. Well said!!!! No one wants to look stupid. So the equation goes
      Smart guys + Smart Chics = Thumbs up
      Smart guys + Dumb Chics = Okay sha
      Dumb guys + Smart Chics = Quarrel
      Dumb guys + Dumb Chics = Ignorance is bliss one wants to keep explaining things in a conversation that he/she doesn't get...Ahh that one na stress!!!


  6. lmaoo..nice assessment dr sha,i totaly admire people wit a gr8 sense of humor,nd its bin proven dat u ve 2 b smart 2 b humorous(by me sha)..lols..buh dts wot i tink anyway,i'm totaly attracted 2 beauty+brains,i lyk 2 surround maself wit smart peeps(e.g U),drs loads of advantage in doin dat..yea yea,wot hapens 2 d 'dumb' ones ryt?toh try get sense na!!lolss
    so a Man huz smart nd hs an amazin sense of humor does it 4 me;)..(dr r oda qualities shaa ooo:p)

  7. You always get a grin or laugh out of me whenever I read your comments.

    Yes, people who are smart and hilarious are great to hang out with..It's a great combo..which is why I'm still sticking around you too...You are amazing..

    Seen people who are smart but then they ruin it when they have this indifferent look when something funny is said..Big bummer...Huge turn-off...

    And ehen to the dumb ones...what she said above!!! Lol..Like you, a guy who is smart and funny can easily warm his way into my if he has other amazing qualities....ahhhh...sweetness!!!

  8. lmaooo...u crazy:D:D
    true dat sucks,lyk wen u say sumtin extremely funy nd sum1 asks u a qstn instead of laffin..den after u explain it doesn't sound funi again:(:(..lols
    stick 2 being smart y'all!:)

    1. hahaha...

      It's so annoying ehn..what calms me down is the quick image of how they would look if I slapped them and said ''Stopppp beeeinnnggg soooo uptighhhhtt''...Only me and my thoughts know whatz up...very refreshing

      And again people, what she said at the end! hahaha..I gotta stop doing that

  9. lmfaoooo..nice 1,i'll keep dat in mind next tym!

  10. This is actually very interesting. From a girls point of view, it's hard to date a dumb guy but it's even harder to date a dumb guy that doesn't want to be educated in the sense that he's comfortable with being mediocre.

    My last relationship ended because I couldn't have a proper conversation with him about things that I cared about (subsidy etc etc at that time) He only wanted to talk about us. I honestly tried hard to make it work but it didn't especially because he thought I was trying to show off smh.

    Thanks for this and I love your blog. Just followed :D

    1. Yeah dear, it's really frustrating dating someone that is not in the same wavelength with you smart-wise.

      Sorry to hear about your last relationship though. I know what you mean. Personally, I love to have real smart conversations that borders outside the relationship (with a guy I like). And if he thinks we only need the ''I love you's drama'', then it's all downhill because I'm tired of that.

      Thanks dearie for following. I'm glad you love it. Gracias. :)