Saturday, 25 February 2012


Dear Scrabble Champ,

There will be no need for the usual pleasantries because I know you are doing just great. In fact, you are someone I see almost every day. I’m like a big, no I mean huge fan of your prowess with words. I used to see myself as a great Scrabble player till I had a one-on-one game with you yesterday. Mehn, I was humbled beyond words. It’s still amazing how you did that. Me? I can’t even gloat anymore. The trophy has been taken by you. What??? Why??? How???

You do remember how it all started. You came home, I was playing Scrabble on the laptop. You asked innocently ‘’Is that Scrabble I see you playing?’’ I looked at you with this wide grin on my face and I said ‘’Yes, I just beat the computer by 60 points’’ (And I’m a pro ooo). I remember this weird smile that came on your face for an instant and the words popped out from your mouth ‘’Let’s play; I love this game’’. As proud as I was, I shrugged and said ‘’Ohkay’’. In my mind I was actually saying ‘’Heehee, you are gonna get beat down’’.
The game started off pretty nice. I led by a few points. At that moment, I was ecstatic, thinking to myself ‘’Damn, I’m totally gonna win this game’’. It seemed like you were reading my thoughts because you had this look on your face saying ‘’She has no idea what is in store for her’’.  I went on to play the word ‘’Xerox’’ which increased my points by 46, was it 46? Yeah, 46. There I was singing to myself ‘’The champ is here, bim-bim-bim-bim- The champ is here’’.
I sang too soon because shortly after, you played the word ‘’Question’’ next to ‘’Able’’. I can’t remember how many points you got from that but it was enough for me to murmur to myself ‘’Well-played; Well-played’’. All the while, you kept quiet, you were really concentrating so hard. I became nauseous, I couldn’t lose to you, not now after winning so many games? I was antsy because I could see for myself that with 25 tiles left and just a few points more, you would be declared winner and I would have to do the ‘’Scrabble walk of shame’’ with my head drooping.
So, I reassured myself with the false hope that it may be ‘’initial gra-gra’’. 
 A few minutes later, I had a ''lightbulb'' moment (like 'Gru' in 'Despicable Me', hahaha, I know you don't watch cartoons) and then I play the word ‘’Zygote’’. I gave you a look of ‘’Aha’’. Omo mehn, the grin shined well on my face so much that when you played ‘’Baggy’’, I gave you a look of ‘’Yimu’’. The last set of random letters appeared and I laughed inside because there was no way you could form a word from that and get high points. Alas, I was mistaken. You shocked me when you fixed the letters on a placed tile on the screen and made the word ‘’Showcasing’’.

My laughter died into a frown, I was open-mouthed, couldn’t utter a word. I had been ‘’schooled’’. You won by a whopping 38 points (That’s big enough for me). Finally you smiled and said ‘’Next time, I will go easy on you’’. All I could think of was my scrabble crown had been taken from me. You were a good contender and I had been bested. I just want you to know I’m seriously preparing for another game, am going to learn new tactics, get more vocabularies. Haba, how can you win me like that? Noooo, I want a rematch. The game’s on.

Be prepared for our next tournament. I love you but I wanna win toooo...*sulking*

Your loving daughter,


  1. Was that your dad you played against? lol. My brother used to deal with me in scrabbles, 2-3 premiums per game.
    Then the Computer scrabbles started and the words became more befuddling :(.
    What can i say, better luck next time :p and thanks for visiting and commenting.

    1. Yes ooo...My dad has taken over my acclaimed fame...*sad face*
      am already jogging my mental exercises lol for the next showdown

      Thanks dear...Btw, your blog rocks :)

  2. Now i just got won over by your dad even though i don't know him.I love scrabble alot and i like peeps who can play.For a dad who can play? I'm thrilled! Nice one! Please do get rid of your 'words verification',it drives people away from commenting.

    1. Yeah my dad's really something. You need to see the way he blows big grammer around the house. Lol..Great to know you play Scrabble...Would love to take you down... :p

      And about the words verification...Never knew that was on..Will work on that...Thanks for the heads-up!!!

  3. hmmmm.... rilly lyk the way u write
    ....and why do u have to make me always smile at the screen of my computer? :-)

    i just learnt a new way off playing scrabble from your Dad.

    my heads up for you.... when u r winning next time, dont get lost in the moment.

    i lost a game off chess that way to some1 i'd beat like 9 out 0f 10 on anoda day. but i just kept gloating and he unsettled me by his switch from a frown to a blank expression....

    i lost that game and sulked... didnt play with him for anoda month....


    1. First off, thanks! Refreshin' to know my words put a smile on your face.

      Yeah, gloating is a bad thing sometimes. See how I got caught up in my past glory and just fell down I'll put on a serious face next

      So you play chess? Hmmm..Don't know why I haven't learned to play that game yet...Maybe you'll teach me..haha

      Thanks siz!!!

  4. lols..u luv scrabble 2?i shud school u sumtym:p..i luv dat ur dad cn evn play scrabble wichu,lyk hez nt all work nd frowns lyk most dads,@least ur 'crown' ws stolen by family........buh dat aint d end tho,i'd b stealin ur 'tiara' soon..lols:)
    nicee write up as usual(Y)

  5. Yesss ooo.. I love the game ooo...You? School me? In Scrabble, I will be the lecturer to you ooo...See I have started bragging again after my own dad won me...Seriously, we should play one!

    My dad is not the frowning type..He is all smiles, laughter and full of humour. At least he makes time to spend with us, his kids ahem...his grown-ups...I love him! I love him but I will get my crown back so I can rule scrabble land once more..

    Misage, misage, that tiara is mine oo..we'll fight for it even if it comes to I don dey talk too much..

    Thanks dearie!!!

  6. lols..oya na,till dat day cms,we go knw who get mouth nd who sabi play..*adjusts helmet*..:D

    1. Lmaoo...can't wait to say ''I told you so''...

      I'm cracking my knuckles,doing press-ups abi na dey prepare ooo..You are adjusting your helmet when I don't even need one..only thing you will be seeing on my head is the tiara engraved with ''ODDNAIJACHIC''

      Woohoo...I pity you ehn! Are you sure you still want to do this?

  7. looools...push-ups ke??na wrestlin??abeg i no do again o,b4 u go vex punch all ma teeth comot:D

    1. Lmaooooooo.....abeg no kill me with laughter for here...i'm just preparin myself physically and's wrestling of words worries,your teeth will remain intact after we are was that just an excuse to back off? :p

  8. Lol!

    I tried playing with my sister once, she beat me hands down...I don't even know how she did it. The summary is, I only love it when I play it by myself.

    I doubt if your dad will let you win another game..#just saying! (wink)

    1. I agree.. playing alone is bliss... but sometimes you have to test your skills by playing with another and I did with my dad...See how bad that turned out for me

      Still, I doubt if I will let my dad win saying