Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Thank you all, my blog sweethearts for your uplifting comments on my last post. A lot of ''gracias'' from me are in order. Lets all pretend like I haven't shown up on my blog and been AWOL for 10 days now. Let's whistle it all out, put our hands in our pockets and do the frisky walk. Yes, pretense is just fine, but only in this regard.

For the past one week, I have been losing a lot of sleep at night and I mean A LOT. Good sleep i tell ya. My beauty sleep. All gone with the wind. Why? You ask. Take a wild guess. No, it is not thoughts of a boyfriend. Nahhh, even that won't make me leave my eyes open for 6 hours. Nope. Feeling down? Nope. School? Finished that last year, been there, done that soooo.... Money? I think about making that but not to the point of consuming my very thoughts and consequently losing sleep. Okay, lets stop with all the guesses. It's becoming exasperating. Lemme just blurt it out instead of 'sweeping' around the bush.

Three words. Vicious prayer warriors!!! Yep, my neighbours. The hubby and his wife. Living right next to me. My bedroom window faces their house directly so you can only imagine how the ''loudspeakers'' blare in my ears each night. The shouting matches start around 12 a.m and gets louder for another 3 hours. Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against people praying at night but not to the detriment of other people's God-granted sleep. Haba! And to think it's not a normal prayer ooo. It is always a prayer of their enemies falling down and dying. Habaaa. Praying for a fellow human to die. 

Just last night, I decided to listen carefully to what they were saying. Ahh, I had to listen because I had no other choice. I had lost choice of sleeping so the only ''forced choice'' was for me to listen. So the wife had a shouting row (yeah that's what I call it coz that ain't praying) and she said ''Ohhh God, anybody in this world against my happiness, may they fall down and die. Anybody that says me and my family will not succeed, may the person have a stroke and die (Stroke????). Anyone in this country that sets a bad mind against me (Wow, you sure do have a lot of haters) Ohhhh Lord, may he or she lose direction (Ehnn, it makes sense small). Any one in this estate (At the mention of the word estate, my ears prickled) man or woman who wants to see my family fall, may that person die.'' 

Then I thought ''Hell no, Woman you just hit the wrong boat''. Why mention our estate? People have their own problems so why should they burden themselves with only ill-thoughts of your family. It doesn't end there. For added juice to prayer, she speaks in tongues.''Ohh-chickalacka-sererevastickalasha''. But really, what I'm hearing is ''Ohh-chickalacka-prakatatumba''. Hahahaha. What can I say? If I'm hearing such, I have to tune it down to humour. I'm not getting sleep. The least I could do is laugh a bit (in my mind anyway) else my parents think I have gone 'boinkers' laughing out loud. Sometimes, the man comes out of the house and shouts so fiercely and then the woman takes the spotlight by force like no one else shall outshine her voice.

Seriously, when all humour is lost, it gets annoying especially after a long, hard day. No, not at work. At home. Since I have got till July to serve and as it turns out I'm the only female at home (aside my mam), I have become the 21st century Cinderella without all the step-sisters so go figure. I love the work but I need my sleep, damn it. I prop up my pillows keeping them down on my head to drown out the voices but it doesn't work. I'm just an inch away from actually losing breath what with all the pressing down of pillows on my head. One week without sleep. End result----Baggy eyes. I got all this dark circles under my eyes and one would think I got beat down by some huge guy...just kidding...not that bad but to the point of looking sick and frail. 

It's so bad I doze off on duty--doing laundry, you can spot me yawning and trying to steal 10 minutes of sleep. One time, I almost dozed off completely while cooking. Imagine falling asleep on a pot of hot soup. ''I for hear am that day''. I'm not the only one facing this dilemma. My parents and neighbours complain about it bitterly. I would have endured it if they were nice people (Pray on, pray on) but they are huge snobs. They are not friendly with anyone in the neighbourhood.

I love praying but does a shouting match bend the Almighty's ears in your direction faster? I think not. My baggy eyes remain--for now.  Looking at my clock, It's 11pm..*sighs*.. I better sleep now before the matches start. I got one hour. I better put it to good use.