Thursday, 14 February 2013


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 'Tis the season to be lovey-dovey...tra la la la la la la. Yep it's Valentine's day; the day of loveeee, sweet romance. I'm in a swell mood, blazing in the colour red, loving everyone around me in the office, giving big hugs, smiling even to those ones I never really interacted with and loving my darling baby boo from afar. To my family, I have got a red hot trail of undying love for y'all. You all complete the jigsaw puzzles in my head, widen the shape of my smiles and stay with me through pain & achievements, moody times and 'laugh-out-loud' moments and that's why I love you each and everyday of my life. To my sisters, Miss H and B and my bro, make life alot more bearable and the love I get from ya is indescribable. The coolest siblings ever. If I died a thousand times and had to live again and again, I would always want you in my fam. I love you guys crazyyy. Kisses!!!

To my friends - E, Chim, Mo', Pie, Ellen, Haj, Bills, Chrissie, Misage and alot more of y'all, you all define true friendship, my healthy dose of fun, fun, fun! Though some of you are not in the same town with me, I still receive your amazing love from a distance. Rock on sweeties and have maddd fun this vals. You are awesome at its peak.

To you all my dear bloggers that I stalk your blogs from time to time, peep in and bounce out, smile at some and burst out in laughter at others - you are the ever freshest and oh-so-talented *drum rolls* Toinlicious, CoyIntrovert, Rhapsody Phoenix, A-9ja-great, Priscy, Becqui, Nutty J, T. Notes, Ema Leecious, lady ngo and a lot lot more of you bloggers. The list is exhausting. Pardon me if your sweet name isn't here. You are still cherished. This is me blowing kisses to you. The wind is delivering it right now. Y'all berra catch it. Happy Vals day dearies.

To you my faceless readers that stumble onto the blog and for some reason, you happen to like it - this is me saying thanks for taking the time to let your eyes scroll through the words I expel from my mind. I appreciate all of you, have a wonderful vals day. Stop by again, alright?

Finally, to the one I love soooo much, the guy who has moved into my heart and chased all other tenants there, the one who inspires me daily, the one who I'm hooked on and ooooh high on, the one whose nice, caring and kind heart astonishes me, whose love fills me up, whose humility makes me adore him, whose brillance is sky-high, whose gorgeous face chases the bad dreams away and leaves my face aglow with the mist of love. You are very special to me and I cherish all the moments we share together. You are soo loved by moi. I love you, baby! Happy vals day.

Happy Vals Day everyone. Share a kind word with someone today and smile, smile, smile! Pay it forward by showing love to people around you. Afterall, 'tis the season.

Monday, 4 February 2013


Once upon a time, yours truly always dreamed of the day someone would hail her and say ''Corper Shun''. Now that time is here and it feels really great, awesooome. The thought of wearing my white shirt & khaki trousers to my cds venue every Tuesday gives a thrill. Don't get my excitement twisted to be some new-found thingy. I'm not a 'johnny-just-come' corper, been in the service game (yeah I said it, service for close to 7 months now. It's just once again, my thoughts are swirling from the moment I entered camp to me sitting in the office typing away this words of mine.

Camp life was ooh-so-memorable, I acted as an hausa lady in a drama competition between platoons. Yeah, OddNaijaChic acted for her platoon. Me? Acting? I had to put on the hausa accent and that was hilarious. I couldn't do it with a straight face (didn't laugh though). Picture this: ''My husband, what haffened? Wallahi, this is too much for me to bear. Gaskiya ne.......'' Something like that. I hope it wasn't because of me that my platoon lost. Another thing I did that brings a smile to my face whenever I think of it is me wearing the whole Fulani regalia and dancing as a Fulani lady. I still sing the songs to myself and my sisters will be like ''Oh God, not the song again''. Something else that struck me as funny was that ninety percent of the dudes that approached me in camp were Igbo guys with their fantastic Igbo accents ''Ha fa na, beh-beh''. Hahaha.

The downside of it all was that as fit as I thought I was, those rude awakenings in the morning and jogging round, marching, rigorous exercises took a big toll on my body. Backaches worse than that of a rheumatism patient, literally!!! It wasn't funny mehn. I wished to have a complete day rest but none came. I wasn't even bold enough to dodge a day's workout, you know, hiding somewhere in the dorms away from all those intruding soldiers. I made good friends there but the sad thing is after camp, we were posted to different regions and I haven't seen some of 'em till now even though we do the occasional chats and calls.

Fast-forward all that to now. I have got 2 amazing corper friends in my office that I think are worth keeping for a lifetime. Let's call them Mo' (no, not moments with Mo' oo) and Pie (short form of her name; not meat pie or fruit pie). I mean everyday is a new experience with them. They are really amazing. Mo' is got this bubbly fun side and her facial expressions when she speaks are Oscar-worthy. No kidding. I never frown when i'm with her. Pie is more like all these advice columnists in the papers (Talk to Aunty this, that) and she's got a good heart, quiet too but always game for a good chat. Well, this is me sitting in the office smiling as I think about all these memories of service I'll take with me till I grow old sitting on a rocking chair, giving my grandkids tidbits of my service days.

A lurking thought flashes in my head that I'm gonna finish soon, this June. I'm gonna miss service, no doubt. The question now is What next? What lies ahead for me? What do I make of it? That's talk for another day dearies. This is Corper OddNaijaChic signing out but I'll be back (In Arnold Schwarzenegger's voice)...

Thursday, 17 January 2013


Damn, damn, damn!!! I never thought I would ever stay away this long from my blog. Oya, this is basicallly an 'explaining' session. At first, I didnt post any thing new because then, I had just started service in July, was in camp (arduous and fun period) so I had it in mind I was gonna create a new post after. Camp ended, I had to go through the whole stress of getting attached with my PPA (Place of primary assignment) because the officials at my PPA kept on saying 'Come tomorrow, come next week....the DG (director-general) is not in to approve''. That messed with my head a bit because I felt I was at a standstill. Long boring story short, it took about a month before I was accepted. So, I started work in September.

My thoughts came back to the blog. I had alot of erratic thoughts spinning in my mind but was not conclusive on what to talk about. Some of you dear bloggers and friends sent me messages to check up on me. I really appreciate the concern, you guys. For that, take one loooooooooong kiss from me to u. MMMMMMMMMMWWWWWWAAAAHHHH. So, I told myself I had to post something to show y'all this chic is alive and well and her brain still functions right. I came on to my blogsite and my hands froze on the keyboard. Nothing, nothing came to mind. The good ol' ''writers block'' had swept into my head. I was with the laptop for 2 hours and I didn't even type a dot. I felt crushed.

So, I started losing enthusiasm to write. The ''ember'' months came, slipped by and still, nothing. Now, I have had enough. Enough, I say! This is a new year. I want to get my writing mojo back onnnnnn. I will try to keep this blog full. By the way, Happy New Year to you all my blog sweethearts and those that sent messages especially Toinlicious, Priscy, Rhapsody B, Coy Introvert (P.S. If i'm leaving anyone of you dearies out, please forgive me, you are still loved). I have got to go now. It's a short write-up I know but I needed to give u the low-down on why I've been MIA. Got a huge workload on my head now. (Na my boss ohhh). I'll be coming back soon. I love you all. Have a fantastic, funtastic, fruitful, great, joyous year ahead. It's still me OddNaijaChic, remember?