Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Hey, my dearest readers! 

Thanks a lot for your great reviews about my blog. You all are darlings. Due to the feedback I got from you guys, I changed the mobile version to look exactly like the web interface so as to include all the social links like Twitter, Facebook and of course, a member forum. Some of you also complained that you were unable to comment. Uhmmm, would it be too much to ask if I asked you to open a Google account as that is the only way you can comment? Go to accounts.google.com and the rest will follow. Oh, I forgot, you can also sign in and comment if you have a Gmail account. I’m hoping you wouldn’t see it as a stressful task. Thanks!!!

Ok, back to the main topic at hand! 

Lyrics, lyrics, lyrics!!! Great music is all about lyrics. Finding the right lyrics in a song to tune with the right beat is what makes a classic hit. In Nigeria, the music industry is thriving day by day. A lot of people want to have a feel, a taste of that frenzy, the publicity, the spotlight, love from the fans, the money, you know, everything that comes with being a star. So, you see most young ones producing, rapping and singing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not disapproving. I mean if you got the talent, show it, rock it!!!

I am actually a big fan of great rap songs. I love the rhymes, the beats, the punch lines that make you go ‘’Whattttttt?’’ Hahaha. This post was inspired by a person close to my heart. Well, he told me that I have got good lines in rap. So I’ll drop a few so you can judge for yourself. I have been playing with these lyrics in my head. Please, if it is great, tell me. If it’s bad, don’t be scared, tell me ooo. If it’s funny, you are free to laugh. This is the first time I’m actually writing one. This is not an attempt to storm the music industry. It is just for fun.

So, here goes. These are lyrics to a love rap song straight from my heart. 

Day I saw you; Knew you were always gon’ be on my menu
Told my heart ‘Be still’; It was booming like a drill
You gave me that smile; My head spun for miles.
I fell ‘heels over head’; See, now I do need my meds
I never fell this hard; It’s crazy, it’s madddd
My girls don’t even know me; Dude, you gotta fix me
Swimming in an ocean full of emotions; Is this me, who would have had the notion?
This is no joke; No, I’m not doing coke
It’s real, it’s live; Me feelings are alive
Butterflies in my tummy; Hmmm your love is yummy

You say the right words; My heart goes a-flutter
It’s definitely magic; I’m melting like butter
What can I say?
This love is hot like fire; It’s all electric, Baby, it’s wired
So honey, this heart is yours to keep; Oh, yeah never ever lemme weep
My heart is your home; Yours’ is my dome
Hope this lasts forever; Don’t want it gone, neverrrrrr!!!
I’m rapping words; Me? Never used to do this
No control over my hands; You, You, You did this!
Mary J. said ‘Mr Wrong’; Nahhhh you’re always right
I love you baby; Damn with all my might
My tall drink of chocolate goodness; And no I don’t mean the beverage sweetness
We are two peas in a pod; You and I in our own world
A roller coaster of emotions; Uhmmm did you give me a potion?
I love you, I love you…. Yeah baby, It’s all true!!!


So, is it ‘’lyrically loud’’? You be the judge!!!

NOTE: These are lyrics straight from my heart. The words are either the product of my imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to other lyrics, rapped or just written, is purely coincidental.


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  2. Replies
    1. Hmmm thanks! I'm real glad you think so...

  3. This is what i call 'kicking-off from somewhere'.
    Not bad girl...i saw you floating in looovvee!
    I love music too...kinda calms me down. Its real true when someone said that 'music is like medicine that calms a troubled mind'.

    Enjoy dear.

    1. Awwwww, thanks a lot dear!!

      Yeah, music does heal! It's one of my 'anti-stressors'.

      Floating in love..heehee..yeah that's the intended message!

  4. yaayy finaly able 2 coment!:D
    1 word===>DOPE!!dis is gud gurl..neva knew u wr in2 rap lyk me,we shud totaly do a 'note' 2geda,i absolutely luv dis...u've got talent,nd i admire ur guts..keep dis up k?kudos!
    P.s:i luv u 2;)..:p

    1. Yayyyy...misage my girl is finally here!!! Thanks alot! You really think it is that good?
      I love rap music alot...it's like my fave genre of music..So you rap too? Yeah we should do a 'duet-rap'..That would be cool!
      Thanks dear! I love you too...Hahaha

  5. its on....

    umm.... posted a comment yesterday.
    at least i was sure i did until i realized i didn't type those
    letters at the end to confirm.

    .... and yea. dope. anticipating your mix tape now.

    1. Yeah i really anticipated seeing your comment you know..
      Thanks siz! You say it is dope? Hmmmm, that good? I'm flattered!
      It was all for fun you know..Mixtape? Who knows?
      Thanks again

  6. i knew u are this bad. Wow, what a piece, can't wait to hear u rap it. It's so cool' thumbs up. Keep flying the flag and keeping it real. Kudos.

    1. Thanksssssssss!!!! Mehn, i'm this bad oooo...I'm even amazed at myself...lol...
      You know I did this for fun... Don't worry, when I see you, I'll rap it...Hahahaha
      Thanks again dear!

  7. Are you kidding me? dis is amazeballs! You really shuld do this more often. seems you're a natural

    bydway, you culd join the 9ja entertainment industry sef. If Terry g can make it, anybody can. then i can claim to know you wen u hit it big #wink

  8. Heehee..Thanks sweetie... Ahhhh, nice enough to join the naija music industry? Wow, thanks..but then again, you mentioned ''Terry-G'' which made me laugh like a mumu.. so I feel oh-so-confident that I can at least put one leg in the entertainment biz since Terry-G can do it..

    Girlll, who knows? Mixtape may come out soon since y'all are pressuring me to rap. I kid, I kid, I only rapped here for fun and mostly because of one special person who thought I could do it. *winks*

    Thanks sweerie all the same...If and When I decide to do it and the face of music smiles on me and makes me popular, I'll give ya a shoutout on tv....lmaoooooo...No mind me jare!

  9. Wondaful. Really out of words. 4 sure a star is born n d whole world shall celebrate U.