Thursday, 17 January 2013


Damn, damn, damn!!! I never thought I would ever stay away this long from my blog. Oya, this is basicallly an 'explaining' session. At first, I didnt post any thing new because then, I had just started service in July, was in camp (arduous and fun period) so I had it in mind I was gonna create a new post after. Camp ended, I had to go through the whole stress of getting attached with my PPA (Place of primary assignment) because the officials at my PPA kept on saying 'Come tomorrow, come next week....the DG (director-general) is not in to approve''. That messed with my head a bit because I felt I was at a standstill. Long boring story short, it took about a month before I was accepted. So, I started work in September.

My thoughts came back to the blog. I had alot of erratic thoughts spinning in my mind but was not conclusive on what to talk about. Some of you dear bloggers and friends sent me messages to check up on me. I really appreciate the concern, you guys. For that, take one loooooooooong kiss from me to u. MMMMMMMMMMWWWWWWAAAAHHHH. So, I told myself I had to post something to show y'all this chic is alive and well and her brain still functions right. I came on to my blogsite and my hands froze on the keyboard. Nothing, nothing came to mind. The good ol' ''writers block'' had swept into my head. I was with the laptop for 2 hours and I didn't even type a dot. I felt crushed.

So, I started losing enthusiasm to write. The ''ember'' months came, slipped by and still, nothing. Now, I have had enough. Enough, I say! This is a new year. I want to get my writing mojo back onnnnnn. I will try to keep this blog full. By the way, Happy New Year to you all my blog sweethearts and those that sent messages especially Toinlicious, Priscy, Rhapsody B, Coy Introvert (P.S. If i'm leaving anyone of you dearies out, please forgive me, you are still loved). I have got to go now. It's a short write-up I know but I needed to give u the low-down on why I've been MIA. Got a huge workload on my head now. (Na my boss ohhh). I'll be coming back soon. I love you all. Have a fantastic, funtastic, fruitful, great, joyous year ahead. It's still me OddNaijaChic, remember?