Sunday, 12 January 2014


Silence stirs up; yet it rumbles
Rose petals fold in as wisps of sighs float by
A mist of gray and gloom ushering in.
Tidal waves of despair flooding onto the white sands of glistening hope

Silence stirs up; yet it growls
Sky sheds tears of blood upon the lands
Innocence is ruptured leaving behind an awareness of the dark within
The eyes blacken surrendering to the tenebrous night

Silence stirs up; yet it clutches
Terror thrives in the minds of simple folks
Hearts constrict at the thought of more pain
Afraid of the monster within

Silence stirs up; yet it cracks.
Unknown shadows move in closely
The spines shiver in response to agony
The dark night stretches.....oh, it stretches

Alas, silence breaks down; yet it fights
The light cometh; shadows flee
Hope is reawakened and the flowers bloom
The dark side has been conquered

Silence is broken and it remains so.

.................THE END.............

My fave peoples, I'm back...I know its the same ol' song I sing whenever I come back after a long hiatus. Regardless, I've so missed you guys. Come in for a group hug *emotional sob*. I'm here to stay, you hear me...(hear to stay)...*breaks into song movie style*.

This right here is my first poem ever and would love to read your criticisms on it or hopefully, approvals like "You go girl. Welldone". The chic can't help but dream.

I love you all. P.S. this is not a bribe. I truly do. 


  1. Nicee! Now its official, I've read it for the 8th time and the choice of words still gets to me. It brings your thoughts to image. Great job!

  2. Thanks!!!! That lifts and motivates me.

  3. Wow! One would never tell it's your first poem.It was dark in the beginning,but became bright in the end.If this is indeed your first poem,then i officially crown you a poet.

    1. Thanks so much. Accepting the crown and posing for pics *eats humble pie*.Seriously, that means a lot coming from a renowned poet as yourself.

  4. Off da hook! Still the smartass chic effect, I wasn't disappointed at all. This is your first? Heck I've read poems from well-known poets that sent me to this was different. Keep it all the way up! ♡♡

    1. Hahaha. Thank God I didn't make you doze off. Big relief. Thanks so much dear. Hugsssss

  5. Deep!!!!
    The fact am not a poetry guy & I read it to the end & could relate to it means you've gat skill.

  6. Wow. Thanks muyiwa. Humbled much!

  7. Blessings....
    nicely done...
    Silence can be provocative, speak volumes, convey peace, usher in lonliness and resonate deeply. Silence is powerful.

  8. nice

  9. Heyyyy, you crossed my mind. I miss you. Please say you're okay

  10. Toinnnnnnn!!! I've missed you. Thanks, I'm fine. I'm sorry for replying this late, haven't been in the blogosphere. I appreciate it love. Misss ya. Happy new year.