Thursday, 14 February 2013


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 'Tis the season to be lovey-dovey...tra la la la la la la. Yep it's Valentine's day; the day of loveeee, sweet romance. I'm in a swell mood, blazing in the colour red, loving everyone around me in the office, giving big hugs, smiling even to those ones I never really interacted with and loving my darling baby boo from afar. To my family, I have got a red hot trail of undying love for y'all. You all complete the jigsaw puzzles in my head, widen the shape of my smiles and stay with me through pain & achievements, moody times and 'laugh-out-loud' moments and that's why I love you each and everyday of my life. To my sisters, Miss H and B and my bro, make life alot more bearable and the love I get from ya is indescribable. The coolest siblings ever. If I died a thousand times and had to live again and again, I would always want you in my fam. I love you guys crazyyy. Kisses!!!

To my friends - E, Chim, Mo', Pie, Ellen, Haj, Bills, Chrissie, Misage and alot more of y'all, you all define true friendship, my healthy dose of fun, fun, fun! Though some of you are not in the same town with me, I still receive your amazing love from a distance. Rock on sweeties and have maddd fun this vals. You are awesome at its peak.

To you all my dear bloggers that I stalk your blogs from time to time, peep in and bounce out, smile at some and burst out in laughter at others - you are the ever freshest and oh-so-talented *drum rolls* Toinlicious, CoyIntrovert, Rhapsody Phoenix, A-9ja-great, Priscy, Becqui, Nutty J, T. Notes, Ema Leecious, lady ngo and a lot lot more of you bloggers. The list is exhausting. Pardon me if your sweet name isn't here. You are still cherished. This is me blowing kisses to you. The wind is delivering it right now. Y'all berra catch it. Happy Vals day dearies.

To you my faceless readers that stumble onto the blog and for some reason, you happen to like it - this is me saying thanks for taking the time to let your eyes scroll through the words I expel from my mind. I appreciate all of you, have a wonderful vals day. Stop by again, alright?

Finally, to the one I love soooo much, the guy who has moved into my heart and chased all other tenants there, the one who inspires me daily, the one who I'm hooked on and ooooh high on, the one whose nice, caring and kind heart astonishes me, whose love fills me up, whose humility makes me adore him, whose brillance is sky-high, whose gorgeous face chases the bad dreams away and leaves my face aglow with the mist of love. You are very special to me and I cherish all the moments we share together. You are soo loved by moi. I love you, baby! Happy vals day.

Happy Vals Day everyone. Share a kind word with someone today and smile, smile, smile! Pay it forward by showing love to people around you. Afterall, 'tis the season.


  1. Feeling the love lol. Happy Valentine's Day darling

  2. Late but happy valentines. Lovely post too

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  4. Crap! How did i miss this post? I was just coming by to beg you to blog and i see this amazeballs post *snif* Love you right back baybay. That last paragraph though, dang! My head is all kinds of swelling and it ain't even dedicated to me. Leme gaan find my very own boolicious and stop sniffing.

    This post is all kinds of awesome and i miss you *muah*

  5. you've gone into hibernation again shei?LOL. I trust all is well with you? Thanks for the mention dearie, I wish you all the very best.
    And babes, e don do naa... come and blog biko! (hehehe... see me writing like one 9ja babe)