Saturday, 24 March 2012


You were known for your vibrance
A light of the world to your parents
Rays of sunshine to your friends
Perfection personified like no other

You had a heart full of love
Never was there an ill thought lurking beneath
Always cherished for your kind gestures
Indeed, I loved you for the heart you possessed

So close we were that our families became friends
You and I -- The knots bonding them like glue
Our mums became best pals
Just the way we were

We shared dreams and envisioned our future
Pictured ourselves at each others' wedding
Making Kodak moments
Living a life that one would emulate

Life was fine for us ----- till terror struck
A strange illness caught up with you
I saw you slowly fading away from me
Prayed that you would bounce back to healthy rhythm

Seeing you smile was all that mattered
I told you it would all be over
I said ''You would be well again''
It was a firm conviction within me and I believed it

So much pain and agony you endured
Still, your face never lacked that glow
You shed no tears
But I know, welts on the inside stung

A lasting grin you always saved
For the ones you held dear
They know not what you went through
No hint of the trauma behind the happy face

We all had mighty hope, we prayed for you
You astounded us with how brave you were
I never wanted to cry in your presence
For I believed this too shall pass

You were in another city getting medical attention
Called you but you were too weak to answer
With the little strength you had, you text-ed me to say
''Sorry for not being able to pick. Wish to see you soon. Love you''

I was positive I would see you again
Little did I know that the end was near
Came back from school one day
To find my mum and sisters in tears

The bombshell was dropped
I was told you had just died that morning
Never cried so hard in my life
The only thing I could say was ''God. Whyyy?''

I was a crying mess, moped around for days
My oldest friend of 13 years had been rudely snatched from me
By the cold hands of death
It wasn't fair, It wasn't fair, It still isn't fair

Sometimes I sense your presence around me
Like you are there but I can't reach out to you
Can't bring myself to delete your number and your messages
You left me too soon and I couldn't see you before you passed on

I cried hard again today
Because it is your birthday
And we should be rejoicing together
I picture myself laughing and telling you ''Yellzzz you are a big chic now ooo'' 

My mum still speaks highly of you
She adored you sooo much
I pick up the phone to call your mum and console her
But I can't because tears will take over my words

As I type this words, tears flop on my keyboard
But I don't care because I want to let it all out
It's a raw sting and it still hurts
There are so many things I wish I had told you

I miss your smiles, your laughter
I know that somewhere in heaven you are watching us
Your memory remains fresh
And It will always be

Forgetting you is out of the question
Its been 237 days since you left and I still miss you
I love you, my beautiful friend Shade 
And I will always do


  1. OMG!dis is so touchin..i'm so sori babe :(:(
    pls dnt b sad,celebrate her life evn in death 2day,rememba d gud tyms u 2 hd nd smile,knowin shez also smilin dwn on u..pls b strong k? (((hugs))))

    1. Thank you misage...I do remember the great times...and I will stay strong and smile for her because that is what she would have wanted... (hugs back)...Thanks alot sweetie

  2. my thoughts go out to u lady.
    i wondered why u said u were sad earlier....

    losing friends could be difficult.
    i could only imagine how close u were from your write up.

    life is unfair alot of times....

    .... and yea, i agree with misage.... take comfort from the fact that she id smiling down on you.

    1. Thanks dear... This is the first time I lost a close friend and it hit me hard...I have stopped questioning the whys of it because I believe she's in a better place...

      Yes, It's refreshing to know she's smiling down on me and I will take solace in that...

      so here's me smiling :) Thanks siz

  3. Really sorry for your loss. I can relate to your pain as it's not easy having someone you love and care about snatched away from you by the cold hands of death. Just know it will get easier with time.

    Happy sunday and keep your head up!

    1. It ain't easy...Learned that firsthand..I believe it will get easier with time..

      Thanks eddie and a happy sunday to you too...My head is kept

  4. Replies
    1. *hugs you back* thanks toin...needed that hug :)

  5. I exactly know how you feel, I lost a friend that close and also my elder brother. We were like twins, though 3years apart. It's 10 years since he left and his departure is still fresh in my mind

    1. Sorry for your loss dear... They may be gone but they will live in our hearts forever...

  6. Hmmmmmm,these words almost brought me to tears.I am so sorry about your friend! May God give you the grace to stop being hurt.

  7. So sorry for your loss. May God help you (and her family) through this and grant you strength.

    Please remember the beautiful times you spent together.

    1. Amen..Thank you ema... We did have alot of beautiful times and that I will keep under lock and key in my heart...

  8. I am so sorry about the loss dear. I know how it feels. I pray God gives you and everyone that loved her the strength to bear the loss.

    1. Amen..Thanks alot lily.... I 'preciate it...

  9. your words are deep and very heavy. i got misty eyed at some point. please take consolation in the face that, she is in heaven and watching down on you. ok? *best wishes*
    It is well.

    1. Thanks alot sweetie for those uplifting words.....