Thursday, 8 March 2012


Woohoo!!! Give it up for my sistersssss. Yeah, this is their birthday month. They are Pisces chicas. The coolest sisters anyone could ask for. God blessed me for having such wonderful babes around me doubling up as besties. You there, don't roll your eyes at me. It's true. This post should have been here two days ago because it was Miss B’s birthday. Mi amor, I was preoccupied with other stuff but like they say, better late than never, right?  Enough Hershey Kisses’ from me to you sweetie. Miss H’s birthday is on the 13th  of this month. Like I said, it’s all about you girls so Miss H, Happy Pre-Birthday in advance. Since you girls are in school and miles away from me, I thought to scribble down 10 things I love about you. Call it my virtual gift from me to you. 
Let’s start with Miss H since you came into the world before Miss B. Miss B, don’t worry, I’m coming to you, okay? I’m saving the best for last. Ehmm, Miss H, I didn’t mean it like that before you go on squinting your face. You know she’s the last girl so she needs to be shown that extra attention (yimu).
MISS H, my lovely sis:
1.      I know I don’t tell you this often but I love how selfless you are. It’s all natural. You give without hesitating (that is, when you have). You make me think of that chocolate I hid under my pillow and I berate myself for being a bit selfish. Then I call you girls and say ‘’Look what I got here!!!’’. It’s always exciting to see those cute doe eyes pop out on your face because I know how much you and Miss B love chocolate.
2.      You make me laugh real hard; they say I’m hilarious but I tell them, ‘’you haven’t met my sis Miss H’’. The expressions you have on your face when you crack a witty joke or tease anyone are comedic winners. I think it’s because of you; my dimples deepen more and more from too much laughter. Plus that maniacal laughter of yours resembling that of a mad cartoon scientist is really endearing.
3.      Ahem, the tell-tale in the family. Whenever I told you I felt sick and didn’t want mum to know, You would look at me and say ‘’Why did you tell me now? See, I have to tell her ooo, What if it gets worse and something really bad happens to you, Do you think I would forgive myself?’’ and then, as always, you run off to tell our mum who you know gets hysterical at the word ‘’sick’’ and starts prescribing Robb, Aboniki balm, Paracetamol, ‘’Agbo’’ drink, hahaha. I know that’s your way of caring and though it may be annoying at times, I love you for that.
4.      I love your dark, long hair. Ok, I won’t say anymore on that. Ohhh, now, I won’t hear the end of this one because you will keep pestering me with ‘’Sooo you admit you love my hair?’’
5.   Stubborn is your middle name. There’s no winning an argument with you. Even though I know more than half of the time, I’m always right, I still back out so you can have all the glory of winning. ‘’Senior things’’. Apart from being stubborn, I love the ingenious and brilliant mind of yours that shows the creative side of you. Rock on with that!
6.      You know me inside-out. Sometimes you can tell what I’m thinking of and it’s a bit scary. I only lie and say ‘’That’s not trueeee, I’m not thinking of that’’. Are you psychic or something? Tell me ooo.
7.      Shopping with you is always fun. You have this knack for knowing good fashion. I was always clueless on picking out nice accessories. Well, with any other dress, top, jeans, shoes, I could do that all on my own. Still, I would value your input on what was great to wear being the fashionista that you are.
8.      I love the way you sing and carry that tone-deaf voice of yours with grace. You sing with a high key and I like that you don’t care even if it doesn’t sound an inch like that of Mariah Carey’s. ‘’You no send at all’’. By the way, it makes me laugh real hard when you try to carry a note especially when it's all scratchy.
9.      When you are hurt or really sad, you do this whimpering look on your face like that of Tom when he gets hit by Jerry, your mouth quivers and shakes and your nostrils widen a bit. Right then, all I can think of is a gun and a single bullet so I can go all ‘’Russian Roulette’ on whoever made you sad. Still, I like that because my protective instinct bursts out.
10.  You are classy, beautiful and ambitious. Wait, those were three things. There's no point erasing the other two. Let’s just leave it as added bonuses. :D I love you, my beautiful Miss H…
Moving on,
Hmmm, Miss B, my baby sis, the last chic of the family:
1.      I love the beautiful soul in you. You have this aura that can calm a violent storm. Sometimes, I can almost see the halo on your head. Tell me, are you an angel in human form sent to watch over us?
2.      Your intelligence is uncanny. I always tend to forget how young you are because you have a really mature way of thinking. It’s like you are light years ahead of your peers.
3.      Like Miss H, you are also selfless. You are overly concerned about others and you would do anything just to put a smile on their face. I admire that.
4.      Speaking of smiles, your smile radiates like heat. It resonates and everyone around you feels the impact. So beautiful!
5.      My star poet in the making. Haba, even my best homie fell for you after I showed him the poem you wrote. It did ‘serious jazz’ on him. Haha. Don’t worry, I have told him to lay hands off. You know now, I’m just fulfilling my big sis duties. *winks*. Face your book ooo. Hahaha.
6.      You read a sad romantic novel or watch all this Indian movies (which you are so addicted to by the way) and the dams will break loose. I remember this one time I offered to give you paracetamol because the vein in your head popped out while crying. Ahhh, I thought to myself ‘’This girl go fit act film ooo, See cry’’.  I try to sit one movie out with you to see what makes your tear glands let loose. We get to the sad scene, I shed a silent tear or two, I look at you and there you go crying wailing. The sight of it would always make me laugh hard and long. Still, I like that. At least, it brings me to tears of joy laughter.
7.      You hold no grudges against people and you have a forgiving heart. This only validates number 1.
8.      I love the way you speak with all those natural phonetic intonations. So cute. It’s so intense that when you attempt to speak pidgin, we plead and beg you to stick to speaking articulately and we warn you not to ever try that in public. I mean it, not ever oo!
9. You are so blunt that you would rather tell the truth straight-up to someone than embellish it with a two-faced lie. You are a stickler for the truth and Me likey!!!     
10.   Finally, I love that you are very confident and you believe in yourself. Beauty and confidence! A great combo!

So, Miss H and Miss B, I have said it all!!!! Guys say bros before h*s but I say ‘’sistahs before mistahs’’. I love you dearies and I thank God for placing you girls in our family.!!! With you, I have my very own hilarious family sitcom with endless seasons. Priceless!!! MMMWAAAAHHH.

Pheeewww!!! That was a long one. I'm glad to have got that off my chest since I never told you girls this.

P.S. I was pretty hyper when posting this!


  1. Such a beautiful and selfless write up. You really love them!!!

    A happy birthday to them as well, and May their lives be even richer and sweeter!!!

    1. Amen!!! Thanks a lot dear. I really love them.

      Btw, thanks for following too :)

  2. nyc write-up...remaining Mr F....riki riki

    1. Tariq, I knew that was you. With ''Riki Riki'', it would never be hard to miss. lol. Thanks!!!

      Mr. F's will be done soon.

  3. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...*sniff sniff*
    i loveee dis!!
    U knw d mentality we ve ova hr,drs dis..i dunno wot 2 call it sef....dat jst holds us back 4rm tellin our siblings,str8 in d face,dat we love its jst so sweet dat u've said ''l love you'' in dis much words...dey r so lucky 2 ve a big sis lyk u..:)
    hapi buffdae 2 dem:*

    1. Heeheehee...*Offering you a hanky for the 2nd time*

      Yeah, I know the mentality...It should be discarded...I guess with the little time we have here on earth,we shouldn't cease to tell the ones we care about how much we love them especially our family...If possible, drum it into their ears with the chance you get..

      Thanks sweetie...Just doing what a big sis gotta do..

      For the record, my dear friend, I love you..See?

  4. lmao..c ur head!na type u dey type am na,call me tell me!:p:p
    u rily lyk dis ur big sis role..lols..buh last borns rock sha!...sumtyms..:(..lols
    u welcm dear!:*:*

    1. Hahaha...called u,didn't I? U should know better than to challenge me...piece of

      sometimes,it aint easy being a big's not all sugar,spice and everything nice....but the fun moments override them

      Hehe...sure they pampered you alot...being the last born and all....

  5. heheheh.... niceee

    sowie for the delay.. m soo mad at me now

    and happy birthday to the ladies..

    tear in my eye reading that

    1. Thanks siz for stopping by...
      Please there shall be no's a birthday...we should make
      Thanks again dear :)

  6. Awwwwwwwwww now I wish I know my sis a little more *wipes tears* stupid distance.
    thanks for visiting my blog!! :) now following

    1. Not you too with the tears...*eyes watery and patting you on the back*...i'm sure even with the distance your sister knows how much you love her....when you are back home, you can catch up on lost times u know....there's nothing like family.

      Thanks for following too..... :D

  7. Soo sweet. They remind me of mine. Sooo selfless & d best sisters ever!

    1. Yeah, sisters rock!!! Glad you have got great ones too there....

  8. Awwwwwwwwhhhh
    H.Birthday to the ladies.
    Nice blog...first time around here.

  9. LOL..what is with all the sniffs now? They are happy thoughts you know...Here, have a hanky, don't want to see tears ooo.

    Thanks for stopping by. Really glad. :)

  10. Nice one, u must really love them.....well, they are lucky to have u.


  11. ...As I am lucky to have them...

    Thanks dear for stopping by..checking out your blog now :)

  12. awwwww, so nice and thoughtful!

  13. Love this piece...your sis must ve ascended to fifth heaven after reading this..I hope they are back?

  14. Arrrrgh!!!...................finally, it was a nightmare or 'afternoonmare'...i've been trying to comment 4 like 2milleniums 169centuries 8decades 4......(this calls 4 a celebration)